Start with nothing but bravery and courage. Work your way from rags to riches by surviving encounters from players and mobs alike. Gather with friends to take out your greatest enemies, or become a feared predator by sneaking through the shadows and attacking the unsuspecting.

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Gather together with friends and defeat countless foes. Build castles and destroy enemies. Pour your blood, sweat, and tears into gatherting the best armor and weapons to out strength your enemy. Where there is one person to kill, there are dozens more waiting for their turn. Place reward on someone's head, create Factions, start wars, make alliances all with the goal to rule them all!

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Give free road to your creativity. Show others what you are capable to think and build!


Our Server Network offer a large variety of gameplay with lots of greats featues. We offer our players a fair and enjoyalble game either if they are new or old players. These Servers give players the opportunity to donate to us for help the community grow. These donations give you credits that you can use on our WebShop for get player custiomizations and much more.

To offer the best gameplay ever we use plugins such as CommandBook, WorldGuard, EchoPet, iConomy, MobArena, ChestShops and other home-made plugins. Plugins such as MobArena are setted up ad-hoc for this server to allow the community to fully enjoy the game.


We have great features that you wont find on any other Minecraft server! Our developers create ad-hoc plugins for our needs that make this server unique and enjoyable. But the most unique feature is made by the friendly community we have that help out new players from the bottom to the top!


0. Gods may remove any player if they are a detriment to the experience of others.

1. Do not "grief" inside of an area protected by WorldGuard. Griefing is defined as destroying or adding to a structure that isn't yours. PreciousStone protections do not apply to this rule.

2. Do not use mods, texture packs, "bugs" or "hacks" that provide an unfair advantage. Do not abuse any bugs, such as duplication of items. Normal texture packs and innocent client-side mods are allowed. This includes the use of hacked clients - in any situation - unless expressed permission is granted by a God ranked player.

3. Do not "spoof" someone else's name. Spoofing is defined on this server as attempting to login as another player. This includes spoofing of ranks (name prefixes). VIPs have the ability to change their name tag and changing it to a staff rank that you do not possess is considered spoofing.

4. Water and Lava buckets are not permitted; this is due to the ease of grief with these tools. If you wish to use Water/Lava, you may buy or create water/lava blocks.

5. Do not place blocks/holes on spawn or warp points in order to kill players inside world guarded areas, or in public or global warps.

6. Do not spam; spam is defined on this server as multiple lines of pointless or identical text. If you are caught spamming, you may be warned, kicked, or banned depending on the severity of your spamming.

7. Do not advertise other servers. Do not even mention another server in a negative way, ie "Come grief this server, the ip is ...". This will result in an IP ban and it's unlikely we'll unban you.

8. Do not share accounts/passwords with anyone. This includes but is not limited to having your account hacked/stolen.

9. Do not "death-warp" players. Death-warping is defined as announcing in chat, or telling a player to go to a specific warp which will result in the death of that individual.

10. Do not ask or talk about your rank application; if you have applied to be a member of staff please be patient as asking/talking about it will result in your application being denied.

11. Do not link users with URLs leading to inappropriate content - this is a kid's game and as a result, many of our players are very young. This will result in a ban. This rule includes URLs leading to any illegal mods such as xray. Asking for adult links is warnable. Saying the name of said sites is illegal as well.

12. Do not scam. Scamming is defined as deliberately failing to comply to the conditions of a trade. These conditions include that both trading parties receive what was originally agreed upon, and that the transaction is safe.

13. a) Spreading any sort of IRL information to other SMP members in any way, shape, or form, without the consent of the opposite party will not be tolerated. Obtaining information of another player through doxing shall also not be tolerated. "Blackmailing" and/or harassing another member of SMP with the threat of spreading/doxing IRL info is again, not tolerated.

b) Any form of bullying or harassment of another member of this server is strictly forbidden. Any case like this may or may not use Doxed/Irl information about a player. A case could simply be excessive harassment. A case like this would also likely be geared toward one specific person. We will not tolerate the "pushing out" of one of our members because another member continues to bully and harass them.

Rules are subject to change. For an updated and detailed version click here.


Our Community counts more than 10.000 players registered and at least 30 players online every day on our Network.








These are just a few of our wonderful Staff Members. You can find a full list of our active Staff Members here.





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